Hamilton Jazzmaster Regulator Cinema Automatic 42mm H42605731
The Jazzmaster Regulator Cinema is a nod to our long and prestigious history of working with the movie industry, liberating the minutes from the hour display in a design that recalls the turning reels of vintage movie cameras. A special...
$1,754.50 CAD $1,444.50 CAD
Hamilton Khaki Field Murph Auto with standard packaging Automatic 42mm H70605731
This is the moment fans of the movie Interstellar have been waiting for. It is a faithful recreation of the watch that appeared in the movie on the wrist of main character Murph. With the word ‘Eureka’ printed in Morse...
$1,435.50 CAD $1,183.50 CAD
Hamilton Ventura Skeleton Auto LIMITED EDITION Automatic 42,5mm x 44,6mm H24595331
Having first appeared on the wrist of the character Iron Man in the movie Spider-Man: Homecoming, this Ventura has earned its cinematic stripes. Featuring an intricate spiderweb design skeletonized dial in pure black that offers a glimpse of the decorated...
$2,887.50 CAD $2,569.50 CAD
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